Tailored Innovations LLC

Tailored Innovations LLC is about innovative, healthy products and technologies that is optimized for their purpose. It is about the fundamentals for really good business that is built from honest, down-to-earth common sense.

All this may seem to be a given for any company. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be as common as it should or could be. Therefore Tailored Innovations was started in the effort to help bring forward some ideas about how to improve on the end result. I hope that this will be of value and service to the visitors on Tailored-Innovations.com

Tommy Fristedt

Tommy Fristedt - Short Bio:

Tommy Fristedt is an entrepreneur and an award winning inventor of high volume and high quality electronic, mechanic and thermodynamic products for automotive and other industries. Tommy has a broad experience from many years of strategic product planning, defining, developing and commercializing high volume products supplied to major OEM's and tier one companies in US, Europe and Asia.

Contact: tommy@fristedts.com